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Interactive Visual Novel

"Adulting" is a interactive visual novel tackling the topic of the perception of being and becoming an adult in society. The goal is to embed the feeling of insecurity that accompanies the term »being an adult« in the form of a visual, interactive story and to enable the recipients to deal with this topic individually but also socially. It will be released in May 2023.

Early Character Design Exploration
Environment Design & Texturing

I am the art director for this project. Here you can see different early explorative sketches for two of our characters Albert and Liv. In the Pre-Production Phase we tried to find a look and feel for the characters so I tried different styles and textural elements. Furthermore I also was responsible for some environment sketches. Additionally since we tried to achieve a graphic novel look we made hand painted textures for our assets and made a Material Guide since a lot of different people worked on texturing all of the assets. I tried to give every material a stylized look with enough difference between them.
For my part of this project I used Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Blender, Unreal Engine and Notion.

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