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Card- and Mixed Media Design

For a university project I decided to create my own card game by combining my graphic design skills and my newly achieved 3D knowledge. As a main theme I chose magic and witches. Therefore the title of the card game also refers to an act of witchcraft performed with the intention to cause damage or injury.

All  german rummy card characters are women and impersonate different kinds of magic such as telling fortunes. After I finished my Concept Art for the different charactersI started to make them also in 3D space.

For every character there‘s also a attribute, which defines them and is depicted on the different number cards of every symbol (clubs, check, heart and peak).

At the end I combined the 3D rendering with some 2D illustrated elements.
I used Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator for the Card Design, Adobe Photoshop for editing and 2D Illustrations, ZBrush for sculpting and Keyhot 8 for rendering.

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